Life’s Moments


Before I start my post I would like to share a very heart touching Blog. This one of the first bloggers I followed inspired me to keep going on at a time when I felt like giving it. So I am happy to share. I love this blog!

Recently I started a brand new chapter of my life for 11 years I’d been the caregiver for my Mother ;until she passed away August the 6th 2016!

I Love you mama R.I.P see you soon
God blessed me with a sweet Mother! She taught me how to Love and I keep her present in my heart

My Mom was a very interesting woman who lived an interesting life she was an artist in every way and she encouraged my passion for art and literature.

I started blogging to strengthen myself in time of weakness and capture the precious moments while I cared for Mom through her illness. Mom’s and precious MOMents are linked I could never lived one moment without Mom

During that time I followed many different kinds of blogs and found comfort in the perfect in the mist of the perfect storm but I still was grieving the loss of my mother!

over the years I made some mistakes like naming my blog and website  not registering my domain name so that was an issue

so this is when changed into this time I was wiser and registered my domain name. Also I create more content and I still get inspiration from my mom from life’s moments we shared  together !

Life's Moments
My Mother always told me to Trust God and do good
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