Surviving Cancer



Before there was COVID there was cancer most likely you or someone you know  has been effected by Cancer in some way. You are not alone cancer does not discriminate against anyone it doesn’t care what color your skin is or how old you are or if you are male or female ; all over this planet people are crying out praying for a Cure to end all disease and cancer is right at the top of the list under HIV,   Hep-c,and now corona-virus. There was a time when there were no options for treating cancer it was a mystery to doctors and scientist in the early on set of the diseases through out history . Many people were unaware they even had cancer until their health started to decline. Now with the advanced innovations of modern medicine and science we can detect it and treat the cancer before it grows I think we are close to a cure I believe in the next 75 years or so disease will be easily treated and cured. 

We all have a common bond and it called humanity and we also have a common enemy called disease. Diseases like cancer are a part of everyday life and for the sake of our children we must come together and work on the cure to change this . Please set aside our differences and look at our similarity and our sense of oneness. Life is our bond and death is our common enemy we all must face our  fears of the things we don’t yet understand. This is an important issue here at 360degreez Life. We can conquer cancer and donate to anyone of the many organizations that help support and provide a cure for the future generations to come let’s deal with the disease issue now so they won’t have to later.

I want to say thank you! We need your help in spreading the word and making sure that someday soon the Cure and treatment will be available for all who need it. Show your support help raise awareness , and promote early detection and help me Pray for a Cure. Let’s do our part and beat Cancer TOGETHER🎗️ !



In the recent years in my own family there’s been many cases of cancer and two that have really been hard to deal with.We’re all in this together and must support one another in times of trial and tribulation we must love one another and pray for one another we will not let cancer or Covid win. LOVE The Cure.

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