Dealing With Difficult People


Sometimes people can be difficult to deal with and hard to understand , due to a lack of communication between ourselves and others.

We fear that which we don’t understand and view this as a bad thing but we have to look at the bright side of things and people we encounter.

There are people who may not know how to deal with conflict of any kind so when the pressure is on they become difficult to be around and almost impossible to talk with ; things going bad real quick when they are confronted or challenged.

I must confess I have been very difficult at times when I am backed in a corner I panic and become anxious.

So I speak to you as one who know all about being difficult because I myself can be a difficult guy to understand and some people just don’t get along well with me. It’s a lonely and isolated existence sometimes running away the things and people I’m trying to attract.

know thyself and thy ways be true to who you are never doubt for one moment God created difficult people too and sometimes he uses them to help others.

At that point everything is annoying to me I even annoy myself so I had to learn to be patient with myself and allow things to happen in due time.

Take a deep breath calm down and take a mental vacation from the situation give yourself time level out and balance my emotions and feeling this is what I tell myself.

This does not always work for me so I withdraw and go to my peaceful place.

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Am I a difficult person

I used to only see my flaws and short comings and my attitude was horrible. I never looked on the bright side of the darkness I face .

I grow and I learn to give thanks ! We are here and we are now, we are not alone in your journey.

I was so sensitive to what people said about me, I thought everyone was talking about me, no one really know this but I still have problems with it , I am not a tough guy by any means so I know that hurt people hurt people.

We are here not to point out the differences between us but to love the differences between us and all of the thing that make us the same inside looking to fulfill the purpose of our creation I speaking healing over our pain and victory over difficult situations we all face .

Let’s help each other heal and grow together in understanding , Love is all that we difficult people really need , that unconditional Love we can’t resist or continue to ignore that someone loves us just the way we are right now.

Honestly All of you are why I live I want to help you love yourself !

I look forward to what great changes are in-store as you embrace your best self and live the life you dream of .

There are times when I am easily offended and hurt ,there are also times when I am strong and cool nothing bothers me or steals my peace.

I embrace the beautiful mess of my life in my message to ! You are not alone We understand.

And We are grateful for you just the way you are right now . You are Beautiful ! You are the reason why I keep going forward bravely standing against all difficult situations you face you push through and here you are at the center of it all.

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I grew to understand that I could only control my actions and my reactions to the people I cross paths with ,I am only responsible for how I respond , do I jump the gun, do I talk it out, do I walk away.

I realized that attitude is everything. So I am learning the attitude of gratitude .

Trying to be thankful for the difficult people I Love , I find something good about them and focus positive attention on the good things about them.

There is always time to change our attitude to a more positive one.

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