Practice Empathy

the world needs you

There are individuals among us who possess Superpowers ;some would call these abilities a curse or a burden.

But I call it an honor and a treasure ;such a God blessed responsibility to share the feelings of others !

I know for myself at times it can be hard and lonely especially when in a crowd of people it’s overwhelming feeling the pain and Love ,passion , hate , fear, lust, good ,sadness , happiness and evil of every person I come in contact with, often people come up to me when I go out and they just start sharing their story with me, withholding nothing some of them tell me very personal things.

They don’t know me but some how they trust me enough to open up so easily !

They say I make them feel comfortable they have no idea that all I feel is anxiety and nervousness inside but it never shows on my face because I feel their pain and I understand how it feels to seek comfort from another person .

So my question is ………..

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what is empathy?

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Empathy Definition –

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Cognitive vs. Emotional

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My personal definition of empathy is to feel the emotions and feelings of other’s

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em·pa·thy/ˈempəTHē/Learn to pronouncenoun

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.Similar:affinity with rapport with sympathy with understanding of sensitivity toward sensibility to identification with awareness of fellowship with fellow feeling for like-mindedness togetherness closeness to chemistry Opposite:distance

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So let me show you what I mean!

What are the 3 types of empathy?These are cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy. This page explains what is meant by each of these types if empathy. It also explains how and why it is possible to demonstrate one or more of the three types of empathy, yet still come across as uncaring.
Types of Empathy | › ips › empathy-types

what type are you?

I am Cognitive empath!

Do you lack empathy?

If you don’t already possess empathy it can be learned with time ,love, peace, and patients, and most important understanding others feelings.

Search for: What are the 3 types of empathy?How do you define empathy?Emotion researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. … “Cognitive empathy,” sometimes called “perspective taking,” refers to our ability to identify and understand other people’s emotions.
Empathy Definition | What Is › topic › empathy › definition

Do you use your ability to help and not hurt others.

We should never use our power to hurt people if we do abuse our power we’re only hurting ourselves because we feel the hurt we cause others also

Search for: How do you define empathy?What is empathy and why is it important?Empathy is important because it helps us understand how others are feeling so we can respond appropriately to the situation. … People who are good at reading others’ emotions, such as manipulators, fortune-tellers or psychics, might also use their excellent empathetic skills for their own benefit by deceiving others.Jan 8, 2017

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Understanding others’ feelings: what is empathy and why do we … › understanding-others-feelings-wha…
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What is empathy in psychology?

According to Hodges and Myers in the Encyclopedia of Social Psychology, “Empathy is often defined as understanding another person’s experience by imagining oneself in that other person’s situation: One understands the other person’s experience as if it were being experienced by the self, but without the self actually …
The Psychology of Emotional and Cognitive Empathy | Lesley … › article › the-psychology-of-emotional-and-…

Do you understand the feelings of Others?

Search for: What is empathy in psychology?What causes a lack of empathy?
What is empathy and examples?
What are the 4 qualities of empathy?Theresa Wiseman, a nursing scholar, noted four attributes of empathy:

  • Perspective taking.
  • Stay out of judgment.
  • Recognize emotions.
  • Communication.

Dec 11, 2016
How to Have Empathy – Sunrise Residential Treatment › how-to-have-empathy
Search for: What are the 4 qualities of empathy?

What is an empathetic person ?

My explanation is that the empathetic person is highly sensitive to the emotion,feeling, of other people soaking it in to oneself .

Those who are empathetic, otherwise known as “empaths,” are like sponges when it comes to human emotions. They feel everything that other beings do—whether humans or animals. They tend to get fatigued in crowds because they feel everyone’s energy, thoughts, and motivations.May 8, 2017
Are You an Empathetic Person? | Psychology › the-empowerment-diary › a…
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People often ask

What does it mean to be an empathic person?

An empathic person has a six sense of picking up emotions and reading body language of another not intentionally but instinctively!

Is it rare to be an empath?

Yes to be an empath is very rare and uncommon they’re attuned to the aura of things and people kind of like a radio that mainly receives signals and on a rare occasion can transmit to Other Emphatic people

Are Empaths a real thing?

Yes very real indeed but as I stated before empaths are very rare.

4. How do you know you are an empath?

Sometimes there are cases of mistaken identity issues but You and I know you are an empath with out a shadow of a doubt.

Just know if you are feeling emotions that are nothing like your own normal feelings you are likely feeling the emotion of another person near by; look around and you will see things clearly and you will grow to understand people and as you evolve into the enlightened spirit being !

People will often say things like “I have been thinking about you all day, I feel like I know you, you always show up at the right time, keep me in your prayers” every empath feels and are aware of their gift eventually You just embrace it because it’s who we are and always have were intended to be.

Different signs and traits of an Empath

What Is An Empath? 15 Signs and Traits – › health › what-is-an-empath

Nov 24, 2019 — Would you (or the people closest to you) describe yourself as a sensitive person? If so, you may be an empath. Dr. Judith Orloff, a pioneer in the …‎5 Signs That You May Be an … · ‎Sensory Overload · ‎Caregiver Burnout
10 Traits Empathic People Share | Psychology › blog › emotional-freedom

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May 23, 2016 — Empaths are big-hearted people and try to relieve the pain of others: a homeless person holding a cardboard “I’m hungry” sign at a busy …
13 Signs That You’re an Empath | Highly Sensitive › empath-signs

Jan 18, 2019 — An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of feeling those emotions themselves. Empaths see the world differently than other people; they’re keenly aware of others, their pain points, and what they need emotionally.‎The Difference Between … · ‎Is Your Child Highly Sensitive? · ‎Highly Sensitive
Six Habits of Highly Empathic › article › item › six_habits_…

Nov 27, 2012 — But what is empathy? It’s the ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use …
Empathy Skills: Are You an Empathetic Person? | The › Mental Health

Sep 2, 2019 — An empathetic person places the needs of people—even animals—over his or her own. “Empathic people are often people pleasers who put …
Empaths: Is being an empath a superpower or a super-stressor? › empaths

Psychologists may use the term empath to describe a person that experiences a great deal of empathy, often to the point of taking on the pain of others at their …

Are people born empathetic ?

We’re born with the capacity for empathy, but it’s learned behavior. Empathy. It’s the bedrock of intimacy and close connection; in its absence, relationships remain emotionally shallow, defined largely by mutual interests or shared activities.Jan 23, 2017

6 Things You Need to Know About Empathy | Psychology Today

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