Remote Learning : A Powerful Tool


In today’s fast pace world learning and how we will learn in the future is changing and evolving.

The class room is now the living room, dining room, bed room basically what ever room you have dedicated to your children’s education.

Remote learning is the future and it’s the opportunity to reassess the way we promote learning.

Parents are finally understanding how much of a challenging job teaching our children can be, best practice is to start your child’s learning experience early on and encourage them to be self motivated and confident in their education.

360degreez Life Warm welcome to an excellent author /teacher

Miss Dale Jordan is one of the people who fueled my passion for writing and community outreach.

She is always serving our local community in anyway possible ,she is a member of the AARP.

She is also a passionate teacher who work with children who need extra help learning.

Here is a link to her recent children’s books please show her your support and love every book has a message 360degreez Life is honored to introduce you to The Author Dale Jordan

Author Dale Jordan

Meet the Author

Dale Jordan

Mrs. Jordan has been an avid reader all her life. Her love of reading had precipitated habits of reading to her children…LEARN MORE


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