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Everybody wants a better life and stable income maybe even multiple streams of income !

I believe the job market has changed and so has the demand for new ways of getting things done, a job is a great way to make ends meet from month to month.

I know you deserve more than that out of life and you should not have to do a job that you hate to get up for in the morning.

My philosophy is do what I love so that I’ll love what I do no matter what I do.

So what is a career?

A career is the progress or general course of action of a person through life ,or some phase of life; as in some profession or undertaking of moral or intellectual action, etc…..

Why do people work and what influences our choice of work?

Ask almost anyone why they work where they applied for their job and you get an answer something like this ” I work to make a living and to provide a good quality of life for my family and myself.”

Then they may say My work choice is influenced by what I will or wont do for pay and what jobs have openings !

I didn’t know what career to pursue so I had to ask myself some important questions and answer honestly

What are my interest?

My answer is ” my interest in GOD,LOVE,photography,music,blogging, social media, motivational speaking, art, entertaining, writing, helping people,reading,singing,rapping, and driving”

What are my abilities?

“My answer My abilities are team building , inspiring and encouraging others, bringing out the best in people, learning new abilities, writing, cleaning, organizing”

What are my work values or ethics?

“My answer Arrive early, start on time, work for GOD,caring about my work , excel, do more than expected do great work, take pride in the work I do”

What working environment do I prefer?

I prefer a productive,relaxed,comfortable, work to play, play to work, paid to play atmosphere”

And believe me I settle for nothing less than

Think and Grow rich says to

  • Have a definite purpose – what is my purpose
  • All individual achievements are the result of a motive or combination of motives!
  • Any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought and emotionalized with a burning desire for it’s realization is taken over by subconscious mind and acted upon through whatever natural and logical means available!
  • Any dominating desire , idea, plan or purpose backed by faith is taken over by the subconscious mind and brought into action instantly.

Ideas and Goals

It’s important to have many ideas and to write your ideas down as soon as they come to you ! This is my list of ideas and I would like to share them with you.

  • Affirmation creation
  • How to create a vision board
  • blog beginner
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Inspiration realization
  • Law of Attraction in Action
  • Team Builder
  • Mind molder
  • Goal mind

These are just a few to give you an idea of what I mean when I say you must have many ideas and you must write them down to make them come alive.

Creating Goals

Now it’s time to set some goal ,but if you are like me you might not know where to start or how to create realistic goals for yourself.

So again I will share some ideas of how you might start your goal list. You must ask yourself question to fuel your creativity!

your list may look something like this.

  • What are my most important things in life?
    • It maybe your family, loved one, partner , career, or maybe experiences are important you!
  • what financial obligations, burdens are you under
    • Mortgage, car payment, child support,bills, loans

  • what have you always wanted to do , but never had enough money to

  • After answering the previous questions What is your motive?
    • Be specific and thorough as possible

Good Job You are on the road to a successful career

Let’s set some Goals

For me goal setting and accomplishment go hand in hand !

There are some things to consider before setting goals I will share the formula I use and share the process with you.

  1. A goal is different from a motive or motivation
  2. A goal is set and there’s specific outcome that we work toward attaining.
  3. With my motivation in mind write down how much money I need to make to generate to reach my goal ?
  4. Let’s say you make $25 dollars from every sale , how many sales will you need to reach you goal.
  5. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals

Create SMART goals

  • Specific- Know exactly what you want
  • Measurable– Can it be counted or quantified
  • Assignable- Make yourself accountable and responsible
  • Realistic– Believe jf you put in the work You can realistically achieve it
  • Time- Give yourself a dead line

Review using the smart formula!

Is it specific?

Is it measurable

Is it assignable?

Is it realistic ?

Is it time related with a deadline?

Passion Questions

  • What do I like to talk about?
  • What do I watch ,follow, do research on the internet about?

Knowledge Questions

  • What’s something friends or family thank you are good at?
  • What’s something that my family and friends have come to you for advice about?
  • Where can I give other people Value?
  • How can I make the world a better place?
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