Surviving Covid-19


We can all agree 2020 was a rough year for everyone most people lost their jobs, loved ones, some even lost their lives .

We must make 2021 our year of restoration and recovery we will not forget 2020 and it was a world shaking event , it will go down in history for many reasons !

The spirit of Innovation and science has produced some grown breaking discoveries that will help us move forward to a healthy future.

Covid-19 vaccine Overview

Vaccine Effectiveness

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vaccine Statistics

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Vaccine Side effects

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Where to get it

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Priority groups

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These are thing we all need to know

Covid-19 pandemic updates

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines: Live updates.

Still wear a mask? 6 things to know for after you get your COVID-19 vaccine.


Could a COVID-19 Vaccine Surplus be Around the Corner?.

.Would you get the 66% effective Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine if approved?

Fear for the future was common we all have our own struggles and our own ways of coping and surviving.

Try to understand others prospective and situations during this time of transition and healing.

Covid-19 has been a very serious issue and will be for some time to come we almost do our part to survive. The virus is evolving and cases arising with the news of vaccines being available we have hope but we almost do our part even after being vaccinated.

We must continue to practice social distancing where our mask wash our hands cover our mouths when we call stay home if you’re sick get tested if you show any symptoms.

This pandemic has shown exactly what humanity is all about and what we’re made of we were built to survive you were born to live and not die it’s our job to make the best out of everyday and to remain grateful and happy in our trial and tribulation.

When the governor first issued the stay at home mandate we were upset and angry because the government was shut down and we had to remain in our homes but it was necessary. And my personal opinion the stay-at-home order should have been extended we have a common enemy and that enemy is covid-19 it does not discriminate at all

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