America eat to live Check out Fresh EBT

Eat fresh
Eat to live

Everyone deserves to have healthy food to eat, but honestly healthy food costs more but fear not America the Government wants to help you eat to live. Poor nutrition is a major contributor to all health issues. What we eat matters and fuels our future.

360Degreez Life thought you might enjoy Fresh EBT:

Healthy food is good for the body, mind and soul

Track your spending

Fresh EBT is an app that allows you to check your balance also

It helps to know how and when you spent your Food money

There are programs that allow maximum allotment

Stretch your dollars

There are other great things about this app like

coupons, info on assistance programs available and how to apply for them also there are ways to save and earn money.

Coupons for a number of grocery stores
Link your grocery store savings card
Register your EBT on Amazon get prime discount $ 5.99. All of the benefits of Prime for half the price.


You may be eligible for financial assistance


There are also job listing and links to many remote jobs.

It Links to the Job market

The app is very helpful and it is free.

EBT fresh America thanks you for a great app

America your money matters and how you spend it is important.
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