Establish healthy Boundary


Life today is very demanding with all of the new rules and regulation as well as old obligations its hard to separate all the roles and responsibility’s that life requires us to take on.

Naturally the whole process is exhausting and time consuming if we allow things to get out of hand;

Burnout Prevention and Treatment – › articles › stress › burnout-prevent…

Even though it may be the last thing you feel like doing when you‘re burned out, exercise is a powerful antidote to stress and burnout. It’s also something you can do right now to boost your mood. Aim to exercise for 30 minutes or more per day or break that up into short, 10-minute bursts of activity.

Job burnout: How to spot it and take action – Mayo › burnout › art-20046642

Handling job burnout.

Evaluate your options.

Discuss specific concerns with your supervisor. Seek support. Whether you reach out to co-workers, friends or loved ones, support and collaboration might help you cope. Try a relaxing activity. Get some exercise. Get some sleep. Mindfulness.

So to prevent getting burned out we must set boundaries for ourselves and establish healthy boundary’s with those we interact with in life.

Allow me to illustrate let’s say my friend Charles who has a big kind heart and will give you the shirt off of his back is asked by his family to assist with caring his elderly uncle and aunt , of course gold Heart Charles hesitates and finally agrees and says yes you can count on me!

So the family has delegated everyone a role as time goes by Charles works as his aunt and uncles caregiver 7 days a week , he soon understands his life is no longer his own .

Charles family seem to be grateful for his sacrifice and the obligation he has taken upon himself and they seem to respect his loyalty and praise his sense of duty and how happy his aunt and uncle are since he’s been involved.

One day Charles uncle has a doctor’s appointment this is the one thing he says no to. His family who promised to help out have now back down on their roles and they expect Charles to take on the extra duty but they want him to do it their way.

Now Charles is dedicated and day after day shows up and makes things happen because he is the kind of guy who get’s results when he gets involved.

This is why his Uncle Leroy and Aunt Ida always called on Charles because if he says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it.

Charles is starting to burnout Now his family is upset because he need’s time to recuperate and will not go with Uncle Leroy to the doctor office ,Charles loves his uncle but has good reason not to go and has the right to say no.

Needless to say Charles need to set some boundaries for himself and establish some boundaries with his family; Everyone needs time off even good as gold Charles but because he has not protested he is now feeling underappreciated by his family.

He has to stand his ground but this is hard to do when he see a need that needs to be met or someone in need !

Well enough about My friend Charles and his family.

In my own life I can relate and maybe you can to.

There is nothing wrong with saying no to your family even if everybody else is telling you to say yes to fit in their box but we are too big for anybody’s box .

So this is why we set healthy boundaries that can not be crossed or broken we do what we need to do to maintain positive mental health ..

This is your life and God gave it to you to live only God and you should control your life and when you need a break or to just walk away all together for a minute its necessary to do so.

Self Love can sometimes appear selfish but we must love and respect ourselves no matter what people may say about us for taking a sabbatical ! The story of Charles was fictional with just a pinch of facts.

The moral of this story is to show we must stand our ground and practice self care and take time for our-self and our Mental health depends on it and peace of mind is found in solitude alone with God .

I know things are hard right now and it’s OK not to be OK but God is still in control and this too shall pass and God sees and cares about what you are going through. Don’t give up keep pressing towards the mark because we are 360degreez of Life it will all come together full circle soon enough.

We are stronger than we think and we will overcome all of challenges we face.

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