Turn fear of failure into motivation


A while ago I wrote a blog post about the fear of success I was doing my usual research and I found this article about turning the fear of failure into motivation and I believe you will enjoy it ! This article is from a great website that has very helpful articles all rights and credit belong to fastcompany.com

3ways to turn fear of failure into motivation


Fear of failure has been defined as “persistent and irrational anxiety about failing to measure up to the standards and goals set by oneself or others” (American Psychological Association 2007).

Fear and Pride

Fear effects everyone differently and fear of failure is just as damaging as the fear of success to our confidence and self esteem if we allow it we must not be afraid of change. If nothing changes or fails we would become arrogant and cocky we would have allowed Pride to rob us of our humility being humble is a sign of strength and Self confidence and Pride always is followed by destruction.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom

Our World is running short on humility and losing it’s humanity ; Real fear like the fear of God makes Us wise in the eyes of God, but Pride makes a man wise in his own eyes.

Sometimes relationships fail , sometimes family and friends will hurt you but after all that we endure, it will be motivation for us to live our Best life NOW!

We can not change the past or undo the damage done but we can and will move on forward and God will continue to be our strength and we will do better this time because we know even the best of the best fails until success shows up with all of its perks!

Where fears of disappointment come from?

Many analysts have perceived that the hidden reason because of a paranoid fear of disappointment is really dread of the subsequent disgrace or shame.

The genuine episode, for example, failing a school course, isn’t the genuine issue, it is the going with feeling of dishonor that it incites.

What Causes Fear of Failure and How to Conquer It with Self …www.harperwest.co › what-causes-fear-of-failure-how-…

Where does fear of failure come from?

What does God say about fear of failure?

Psalm 73:26 – Remember the source of your strength

It’s not difficult to fear disappointment when we are inclining toward our own force. We unquestionably aren’t sufficiently able to confront huge, troublesome things all alone! In any case, that is the uplifting news – we aren’t all alone! God is the strength of your heart and your part.

18 Bible Verses About Fear of Failure – So Very Blessedsoveryblessed.com › 18-bible-verses-about-fear-of-failure

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