Be The Light

Let your light shine

We all need a little more light to see things clear these days. In a world that is so focused on the darkness of mankind and tragedies of humanity.

Come to the light

Sometimes my life seems so dark and cold without light to illuminate my way, as I go through the darkness of the world, I learn how to be the light I need.

I light my own candle to warm me up and shine light on the situations of dark times.

Let love light the way to brighter days

It’s easy to get depressed with all that we endure in life things like sickness, relationships ending, death of a Love one, loss of employment, family matters all require light to see our way through to better days.

Light your candle to give light to the world.

When we Look beyond all that troubles us and we find what strengthen us ,When we Look beyond all that frightens us and we find what motivates us.

It’s all a matter of being the light to others who are trying find their way through dark terrain.

We help ourselves when we help others find their way again.

I was lost with no light in sight my days seemed dark as the darkest night I was hope -less until I realized I had my eyes closed to the light inside Of us Shine brighter than daylight.

Keep your light up and shine on 360degreeZ life Is a gift that keeps giving and a blessing to be shared.

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