Love your enemy


There is a invisible war going on in the spirit world , we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with the powers and principles of evil that exalt itself against the will of God ! What is the will of God some may ask and argue about what they think God’s will is for mankind It’s no big secret and it is simple enough that we did it naturally when were babies no one taught us how to properly live . We were conceived , born, and created for one purpose doing this one thing we fulfill the whole will of God for our lives!

Over the pass 3 years all over the world billions of people have lost their lives and love ones to Covid-19 some never got the chance to say goodbye others died alone in the presence of strangers, they had no visitors and were quarantined from the rest of the world they once belonged to ,they now they leave us behind to go to a better place where they continue to exist and live forever in the hearts and memories of Us all ! We must not let death stop us from doing this one simple thing that will change everything will get us through these tough times.

Yes lately violence and hatred continue to grow and lust and selfishness is completely out of control and there is one thing that can fix our broken world and heal some of these scars and war wounds we have received from our parts in this spiritual war for our souls and the souls of our fellow men women and children to honor the memories of those who passed away and to rebuild a better future for Ourselves we must except that the WILL of God is that we love one another and even learn to love our enemies. God ONLY WANTS US TO LOVE AND RESPECT OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER.

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