God Knows your heart


Honestly everybody has at some point missed the mark or failed to keep a promise; we’ve all been let down and disappointed by ourselves or someone else. I know how tough it can be to forgive and let go of the past and yesterday even though it’s gone away but sometimes we hold on to the pain.

The way to be free from the pain and the past is to let it go of it to make room for the things that matter! There are things in life we can’t predict or plan for like loss of a love one , a failed relationship, or getting laid-off or fired from a job.

Family members get sick or we may be ill ourselves what ever it maybe it’s too big to face alone without support and understanding most of all Love. Our faith in God is our strength in our times of weakness he works miracles signs and wonders that can’t be explained in natural terms.

Faith is supernatural and God gives us power to get through this life. God Knows the way to resolve our issues we must trust him and have Faith that things are going to work out for the good.

There will come a time where this too shall pass it may not happen today and possibly will be sometime from now but God will get us through if we hold on and use the faith we have in God to sustain us while we patiently wait we are to trust God do good !

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The Good Shepherd

Everybody has bad days sometimes but we can rest assured that God cares about us and what we are going through, people may not see the true us behind the smiling face, charming conversation, loving eyes they may not know anything about our broken heart, low self-esteem, doubt, and loneliness but God does.

God is Love he see the good inside of us and he knows our potential because he has placed it inside of us and God sees past our flaws through the eyes mercy and grace . It’s easy to lose track of ourselves with all of the pressures from everyday life; the requirement we place ourselves and others.

The weight can be unbearable or impossible to face but with God all things are possible because he bears the weight through our faith in him and his spiritual means he Lovingly nudges us back on track he guides us like a Shepherd who skillfully protects his sheep from danger that they are unaware of the fact that !

God is the good shepherd and we are his sheep and he cares for each one of as we trust God with our lives because we have faith that he loves us and knows each one of us personally ! There are times when our faith will be tested and our patience tried but we will survive because God keeps us close to him.

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God is concerned

The good news is God truly knows our heart and cares about what we are going through everyday both big and small things God is concerned about what happens to us and he wants good things to fill our lives from the inside out with his spirit, love, confidence, and comfort he promises never to leave us or forsake us !

By reaching out to God we are choosing to be chosen by God ; and we allow him to come into our heart sand be everything we’ll ever need to survive he know you from the inside out so let him fill your life with whatever you need trust him to bring it to pass and allow him to work through us to improve your situation. Jesus is our example of the heart of God and how his heart and our hearts are to become one.

God is concerned about our entire life .

If we are facing financial hardship !

God is concerned.

If we are sick and can’t get well !

God is concerned.

If we are lonely !

God is concerned.

The list could go on and on but we understand that we are to go to God in prayer about everything because he is always concerned about us He Loves us there will be times when it maybe hard to believe even then God Knows our heart and wants us to have our heart’s desire.

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