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We are living in the golden age of technology traveling down the information highway daily our tech changes and grows everybody is after the next new breakthrough gadget to simplify or just make life fun.

Tech based Companies are taking charge. Some are doing better than others but The Government is offering a hand to keep the economy stable with programs like PPP


Shop Amazon’s Secret Departments Love it or hate it, there’s a decent chance that Amazon is part of your life in some way.

Even those who managed to steer clear of it find Amazon very useful for 2021 Tech movement

TechCrunch Amazon warehouse workers to begin historic vote to unionize

On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board rejected Amazon’s attempt to delay a union vote set to begin on Monday, February 8. For many …1 day ago

The New Republic Amazon Is Trying to Crush a Unionization Effort in Bessemer, Alabama Some 5,800 people who work at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, a town just outside of Birmingham, will receive union ballots …14 hours ago


iDrop News Verizon to Phase Out Its 3G Network by 2023

Verizon is in the process of converting its network to 5G, leaving its 3G network behind.

Speaking at Mobile World Live, Verizon spokesperson …PhoneArenaFCC asked to dig deeper into Verizon’s deal to buy TracFoneThe FCC was asked in a letter written the attorneys general of 16 states and Washington D.C. to thoroughly vet the $6.25 billion acquisition of …

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Verizon Communications Everything you need to know about the

Samsung Galaxy S21 …Must be a Verizon Wireless Account Owner or Account Manager on an account with 10 phone lines or less to apply. See the Verizon Visa® Credit

Google Pixel XL, 5.5″ 128GB (Verizon Wireless) – Black

Walmart is one of the many retailers who depend upon tech and Scientific breakthrough for the future to accommodate the growing business the implement online shopping and curbside service and Covid-19 vaccines .

WGAL LancasterWalmart announces COVID-19 vaccine to be available at Central Pa. store

Walmart has announced it is expanding the list of locations where the COVID-19 vaccine will be available, and it includes a Susquehanna …2 hours ago

Fox Business Biden, Yellen to meet with JPMorgan’s Dimon, Walmart’s McMillon on COVID relief

President Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with some of the nation’s top chief executives including JPMorgan Chase’s …


Inverse PS5 restocks: Target, Walmart, Game Stop, Best Buy and more new inventory As we head further into the month of February, fans are hoping that more PS5 consoles will become available at retailers like Target.


Motley FoolUber and Lyft: A Tale of Two Earnings ReportsThe country’s two leading ridesharing services are offering up quarterly results in back-to-back days. They will be very different.

AutoblogUber and Lyft’s long wait for a rebound in demand signals slow economic recovery With the pandemic still suppressing ridesharing demand, Wall Street is keen to know how soon Uber and Lyft expect a rebound and how they

Yahoo Eurosport UKLyft Q4 earnings preview: Ridership likely still weak, but ‘expect demand to rebound over time’

Lyft is set to report fourth-quarter after market close on Tuesday, which will likely reflect improving, but still-weak ridership trends at the end of ..

Yahoo Tech Uber, Lyft and Disney earnings: What to know in the week ahead Traders this week are gearing up for another packed week of quarterly earnings results

.Seeking AlphaLyft Q4 2020 Earnings PreviewLyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) is scheduled to announce Q4 earnings results on Tuesday, February 9th, after market close.The consensus EPS Estimate ..

Yahoo FinanceBlue Hawk Investment on Lyft Inc. (LYFT): ‘We Prefer Lyft Over Uber’ Blue Hawk Investment Group, an investment management firm, published its fourth-quarter 2020 Investor Letter – a copy of which can be …


Lowe’s to Give Employees $80 Million in Bonuses,

Add jobs Job seekers can visit or text “JOBS” to LOWES (56937) to learn about nearby opportunities and apply.

Only to name a few but all have taken advantage of the digital movement

now a days everybody has to shop from home this is great for Companies to make money and customers to have their demands while maintaining social distancing protocol.

Though if feel like we have been on lock down now for a while we are still connected and moving forward today pushing for a better tomorrow.

The Spirit of freedom and innovation continue to advance our civilization and make discoveries that will benefit all of humankind .

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Where is My Stimulus

As we begin 2021 and end 2020 I wish You a Happy New Year ! I am looking forward to all this new year will bring here at we plan on expanding and growing with you. The question on most people’s mind

Happy New Year Poems 2021 Free - Happy new year 2021
Happy New Year 2021

Let’s end this year on a good note! wishes you a prosperous New Year so let’s talk about the Stimulus hopefully everyone has recieved or will recieve the second round of payments. How to get your Stimulus check you may be asking, here’s some helpful info !

Get My Payment | Internal Revenue › coronavirus › get-my-payment

Save your IRS letter – Notice 1444 Your Economic Impact Payment – with your 2020 tax records. You’ll need the amount of the payment in the letter when you file in …You visited this page on 12/30/20.
Economic Impact Payments | Internal Revenue › coronavirus › economic-impact-payments

We’re committed to helping you get your economic impact, or stimulus, … Where’s My Refund · What to Expect · Direct Deposit · Reduced Refunds · Fix/Correct a Return … what’s available here on and in the Get My Payment application. … Data is updated once per day overnight, so there’s no need to check back …

Top stories

When Will Your Second Stimulus Check Arrive? It May Already Be On Its Way Kiplinger’s Personal Finance·1 day ago

Where’s My Stimulus Check? Use the IRS’s “Get My Payment”

Portal to Get an AnswerYahoo Finance·1 day ago

Second stimulus check IRS updates: Congress approves bill, House passes $2,000 payment, dates..AS English·1 hour agoView all

Web results

Where’s My Stimulus Check? Use the IRS’s “Get My … – › Coronavirus and Your Money

If you’re asking yourself “where’s my stimulus check,” the IRS will soon have an online tool that will let you track your payment. The tool is called the “Get My Payment” portal, and it will be an updated version of the popular tool Americans used to track the status of their first-round stimulus checks.
Where’s My Stimulus Check? Use the IRS’s “Get My Payment … › news › wheres-stimulus-check-irss…

1 day ago — If you’re asking yourself “where’s my stimulus check,” the IRS will soon have an online tool that will let you track your payment. The tool is called …
Where’s My Second Stimulus Check? | The TurboTax › tax-news › wheres-my-secon…

2 days ago — The IRS is the best source for when and how your stimulus payment will be distributed. You can check the status of both your first and second …
Where’s my 2nd stimulus check? Here’s when payments are … › Personal Finance

2 days ago — A second round of stimulus checks will be coming to qualifying Americans via direct deposit, paper check, or debit card by January 15.
Where’s my stimulus check? 30-35 million payments have not … › Personal Finance › Taxes

Jun 11, 2020 — Where’s my stimulus check? About 159 million payments arrived via direct deposit, paper check, Direct Express, or prepaid debit card by June …
Where’s My Stimulus Check? – › article

If you don’t receive federal benefits, such as Social Security, you can track your stimulus payment on the IRS website, which is updated once a day. Here’s when …
Where’s my second stimulus check? Link and how to apply in … › AS En › Latest News

2 days ago — A stimulus check of at least $600 for those in the lowest income bracket is now almost a certainty since Donald Trump broke his nearly …

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Dealing With Difficult People

Sometimes people can be difficult to deal with and hard to understand , due to a lack of communication between ourselves and others.

We fear that which we don’t understand and view this as a bad thing but we have to look at the bright side of things and people we encounter.

There are people who may not know how to deal with conflict of any kind so when the pressure is on they become difficult to be around and almost impossible to talk with ; things going bad real quick when they are confronted or challenged.

I must confess I have been very difficult at times when I am backed in a corner I panic and become anxious.

So I speak to you as one who know all about being difficult because I myself can be a difficult guy to understand and some people just don’t get along well with me. It’s a lonely and isolated existence sometimes running away the things and people I’m trying to attract.

know thyself and thy ways be true to who you are never doubt for one moment God created difficult people too and sometimes he uses them to help others.

At that point everything is annoying to me I even annoy myself so I had to learn to be patient with myself and allow things to happen in due time.

Take a deep breath calm down and take a mental vacation from the situation give yourself time level out and balance my emotions and feeling this is what I tell myself.

This does not always work for me so I withdraw and go to my peaceful place.

This Test Tells You If You’re a Difficult Person to Work › life › health-and-fitness › difficu…This viral online test will tell you if you’re a difficult person to … › self › 676604-difficult-person-test

redditcommentstik toktiktokhardget alongidr labsidrlabsquizzes

Image result for difficult person test

Image result for difficult person test

Image result for difficult person test

Image result for difficult person test

Image result for difficult person test

Image result for difficult person test

Am I a difficult person

I used to only see my flaws and short comings and my attitude was horrible. I never looked on the bright side of the darkness I face .

I grow and I learn to give thanks ! We are here and we are now, we are not alone in your journey.

I was so sensitive to what people said about me, I thought everyone was talking about me, no one really know this but I still have problems with it , I am not a tough guy by any means so I know that hurt people hurt people.

We are here not to point out the differences between us but to love the differences between us and all of the thing that make us the same inside looking to fulfill the purpose of our creation I speaking healing over our pain and victory over difficult situations we all face .

Let’s help each other heal and grow together in understanding , Love is all that we difficult people really need , that unconditional Love we can’t resist or continue to ignore that someone loves us just the way we are right now.

Honestly All of you are why I live I want to help you love yourself !

I look forward to what great changes are in-store as you embrace your best self and live the life you dream of .

There are times when I am easily offended and hurt ,there are also times when I am strong and cool nothing bothers me or steals my peace.

I embrace the beautiful mess of my life in my message to ! You are not alone We understand.

And We are grateful for you just the way you are right now . You are Beautiful ! You are the reason why I keep going forward bravely standing against all difficult situations you face you push through and here you are at the center of it all.

This ‘difficult person test’ will definitively tell you if you’re hard … › 2021/01/12 › difficult-person-test-viral-tw…

I grew to understand that I could only control my actions and my reactions to the people I cross paths with ,I am only responsible for how I respond , do I jump the gun, do I talk it out, do I walk away.

I realized that attitude is everything. So I am learning the attitude of gratitude .

Trying to be thankful for the difficult people I Love , I find something good about them and focus positive attention on the good things about them.

There is always time to change our attitude to a more positive one.

Scientific ‘Difficult Person Test’ Reveals If You’re Truly That … › news › Scientific-Difficult-Person-Tes…

Things Change.

Today things change so quickly that we rarely have time to process one event. There’s so much Hope and so many reasons to still be happy. Change is good all change has a purpose even some of the unpleasant changes that we go through. Anything that we survive only Make us stronger. Expect good changes and reject all bad changes that do not serve the greater good. Invest in ourselves and others help keep civilization thriving , share Good with everyone you encounter with a heart full of gratitude and a mind full of peace that’s how we should live and that’s how we’ll stay free. Let the trama go give it to God and Trust that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Love one another and we’ll be blessed. Focus on all the things we have to be grateful for make a habit of practicing an attitude of gratitude. Thank you for Your attention and your Support I am grateful for you taking the time out of your day for 360degrees of Hope.

Surviving Cancer


Before there was COVID there was cancer most likely you or someone you know  has been effected by Cancer in some way. You are not alone cancer does not discriminate against anyone it doesn’t care what color your skin is or how old you are or if you are male or female ; all over this planet people are crying out praying for a Cure to end all disease and cancer is right at the top of the list under HIV,   Hep-c,and now corona-virus. There was a time when there were no options for treating cancer it was a mystery to doctors and scientist in the early on set of the diseases through out history . Many people were unaware they even had cancer until their health started to decline. Now with the advanced innovations of modern medicine and science we can detect it and treat the cancer before it grows I think we are close to a cure I believe in the next 75 years or so disease will be easily treated and cured. 

We all have a common bond and it called humanity and we also have a common enemy called disease. Diseases like cancer are a part of everyday life and for the sake of our children we must come together and work on the cure to change this . Please set aside our differences and look at our similarity and our sense of oneness. Life is our bond and death is our common enemy we all must face our  fears of the things we don’t yet understand. This is an important issue here at 360degreez Life. We can conquer cancer and donate to anyone of the many organizations that help support and provide a cure for the future generations to come let’s deal with the disease issue now so they won’t have to later.

I want to say thank you! We need your help in spreading the word and making sure that someday soon the Cure and treatment will be available for all who need it. Show your support help raise awareness , and promote early detection and help me Pray for a Cure. Let’s do our part and beat Cancer TOGETHER🎗️ !



In the recent years in my own family there’s been many cases of cancer and two that have really been hard to deal with.We’re all in this together and must support one another in times of trial and tribulation we must love one another and pray for one another we will not let cancer or Covid win. LOVE The Cure.

360Degreez Life community Elder Help Services

We are  a  small nonprofit business we are crowd funded all donation go toward maintaining our website and blog also to our local senior outreach program; we provide superior assistance to our local community elders .

We want to honor our local elderly community by offering free services like , clothes washing,house cleaning service, minor repairs around the house, preparing meals, local errands, light yard work,most important we offer Love,Respect and personal care aid & companionship.

We also pick up clothing donations to drop off at local collection drop box !

360Degreez Life help services

🐈 Lovers

You may be asking what does this really have to do with you? I’m here to help you take the time to shift your focus from the many distractions of the day there truly are many reasons to be happy this is one.

Cat Lovers

sunshade kitty

one kool cat

Source: KittenLovers      

 Everybody loves cute Cats especially Cats who blog!

Cat with attitude

what are you looking at?

All Thought is Creative. So be careful what you think.

Life’s Moments

Before I start my post I would like to share a very heart touching Blog. This one of the first bloggers I followed inspired me to keep going on at a time when I felt like giving it. So I am happy to share. I love this blog!

Recently I started a brand new chapter of my life for 11 years I’d been the caregiver for my Mother ;until she passed away August the 6th 2016!

I Love you mama R.I.P see you soon
God blessed me with a sweet Mother! She taught me how to Love and I keep her present in my heart

My Mom was a very interesting woman who lived an interesting life she was an artist in every way and she encouraged my passion for art and literature.

I started blogging to strengthen myself in time of weakness and capture the precious moments while I cared for Mom through her illness. Mom’s and precious MOMents are linked I could never lived one moment without Mom

During that time I followed many different kinds of blogs and found comfort in the perfect in the mist of the perfect storm but I still was grieving the loss of my mother!

over the years I made some mistakes like naming my blog and website  not registering my domain name so that was an issue

so this is when changed into this time I was wiser and registered my domain name. Also I create more content and I still get inspiration from my mom from life’s moments we shared  together !

Life's Moments
My Mother always told me to Trust God and do good

The Survival Plan

This is an amazing time to reevaluate, reinvent and invest in ourselves and each other

come and see

We must reflect on the endless possibilities that are available to us through Networking via the internet and social media. We have to create our own Job security as well as our own personal fulfillment and happiness. Start today plan for the future of tomorrow.

There is greatness inside of each of us that must be tapped into and released, we have hidden potential to accomplish what whatever ever our minds can conceive! Release Your Greatness

We all possess potential in abundance; we have abilities yet to be realized, it is so much easier now than in the past to create, explore, invent and share our ideas, songs, works of art, our information, knowledge, and wisdom

This is the time for Our World to evolve, prosper, and expand into its best version.We are pioneers; co-creators& explorers of this brave new world

Manifesting! Tomorrow greatness today is about forging a legacy that will last forever to be passed along to future generations of artist, prophets, poets, songwriters, bloggers, social media marketers as well as inventors, investors, team leaders and etc.

Be the Greatest version of you because You are the most important part of the future of our evolvotion

Let us together Manifest Greatness today for the World of tomorrow. The best part of the world of tomorrow is you. You are 360degreez of GREATNESS share your greatness with the World. We here encouraging you to be Great now

Today start encouraging one another and be supportive. The truth is “believe it or not” we do not get what we want, we get what we GIVE! So give the world something great give it “You”

My wish is that each of you reading these words be inspired in a way that causes you to prosper and be a Blessing and an inspiration

May you experience health, wealth, success, happiness, and abundance


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You are

I created this Website with you in mind and I would love to hear your thoughts and Ideas.

Without You this won’t work I need your Help!

You are the most Important Part of my Business and the main reason I love doing this.

I often visit websites and blogs just to get an Idea of what I would like My site to be like; the sites I enjoyed the most were the ones that engaged me and allowed me to be active on their sites , I felt like these sites and blog were created Just for me and that is the atmosphere I plan to create here for You ! Thank You for Visiting and Please feel free to stop by whenever you like.