Let’s get personal

Who am I and how old am I?

I am Darian Deshavious Reid I am 41 years old

Your friend Darian Deshavious Reid

Over the years I have grown and I experienced many things  in life! The world  has changed now we must change the world

Everyday We wake up is a good dayIn my life I have good days and not so good days!

In life we all have good days and those not so good days also but everyday I’m blessed to see is all good

A smile can stretch many miles

Excuse the background but this is the room with good light

Am I married and do I have any children?

I have never married and I don’t have any children.

But I have many Nephews and neices

Who are my parents?

My Mother was Deborah J Reid

My Father was Emmit B. Reid.

My parents were soulmates

My Mother married my father when she was 16 years old, R.I.P we’ll all be together again

When I was born?

My birthday is May 14th 1979

I had a good childhood but growing up without a dad around was hard for me

11 days before my 3rd birthday my dad passed away from a disease call ALS.

I was raised by my Mother , she never remarried so it was Mom and I most of my life.

Please do not be offended my this photo I just wanted to capture the Moments with Mom very priceless I miss my MomI’m the one with his eyes covered and the little baby is my Nephew we grew up like brothers

Do I have any brothers and sisters?

I have 1 brother have 4 sisters!

I believe the my youngest sister looks so much like my Mom

If I could just make time stand still!

My brother and I people say we look alike and actually ask me if he’s my Dad

I have always been creative

Mrs. Fleetwood was the best bus driver , this was my kindergarten graduation.

As a child I had some issues but as an adult those same issues have become the driving force of my life.

I dropped out of school at the age of 16 and started home school for a while

but that didn’t work well for me; so I decided to go to night school

I enrolled in adult education classes at Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth Virginia

I was the youngest one in the class mostly everyone else were older people but that was the beauty of it all. I pass my with no problem

Thank You for allowing me to get personal! There more to come stay tuned

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